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Grant Hunters

Do you know of any grants or charitable foundations that could help SASA’s projects and events?

Take 15 minutes out of your day and become a ‘Grant-Hunting’ #MicroVolunteer by filling out our Google Form! By filling out the form, you will help us locate grants, fellowships, and awards that SASA could be eligible for, so that we can keep funding our projects and pay our interns and volunteers for all their hard work. 

Please click the PDF to read our Step-By-Step Guidelines on how to be a Grant Hunter for SASA. 

SASA #MicroVolunteering 

Grant Hunters Guide

Check out our quick

Grant Hunters Tutorial Video! 

Screen-sharing the step-by-step process of searching for grants, fellowships, and awards which SASA could be eligible for; and how to fill out our easy to use Google Form, embedded below. 

With any questions, please email SASA Fundraising Team Leader, Tine Rassalle:

Use the form below to send in the information you have found while hunting for grants.

Thank you for helping us Save Ancient Studies! 

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