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Mentoring Program

Our newest project: The Mentoring Program


This program is designed for high school students who wish to pursue higher education in Ancient Studies and early undergraduate students who want to continue their education in these disciplines. The principal goal of this program is to empower our mentees by assisting them in making conscious choices regarding their education and career path. We wish to expose students to the benefits of pursuing an Ancient Studies degree and provide insider tips to help them along the way. By offering our mentees an additional way to learn about Ancient Studies disciplines and academia, we aim to see them become proactive. We hope they will use the experiences and knowledge gained through this program in their academic and professional lives, even if their chosen career path will not be connected to Ancient Studies. In line with our commitment to increasing accessibility to Ancient Studies, our mentoring program is designed to be accessible to all; participation in the program is free. All we require of our mentees is a commitment to the program.

Is this program for you? 

Are you interested in Ancient Studies? Would you like to pursue a degree or continue your education in these disciplines? Whether you are 100% certain or just considering it, this program might be for you.

Our program allows you to learn more about what it's like to study various disciplines within the Ancient Studies spectrum without fees or pressuring you to commit to studying them. We anticipate that you might not have any previous experience in studying Ancient Studies before applying; this program provides you with an opportunity to explore if pursuing degrees in these disciplines would be suitable for you. We do not provide alternatives to career counseling or mentoring you already receive, the goal of this program is to encourage you to take advantage of as many guiding opportunities as you can. By connecting you with mentors who study or studies Ancient Studies, we want to allow you a glimpse into the world of higher education that might be harder for you to come across.

What is more, participating in our program will give you insight into the inner workings of a mentoring relationship, an experience valuable in any career or education path you choose. Every mentee in our program belongs to a cohort that includes between two to three mentees supervised by the mentor. They will be paired based on the compatibility of needs and interests. This means we won’t judge your application based on your grades, references or knowledge of ancient studies, but we will primarily focus on checking if our mentors can offer what you expect of this program. 

In addition to cohort meetings, all mentees are required to participate in Mentoring Events hosted by guest speakers and SASA volunteers. During these events, we will cover topics related to Ancient Studies disciplines, with a particular emphasis on studying ancient languages, college applications queries and more :) 

Please make sure to check out the guide before applying (link). There you can find more information about the program’s mission and role and responsibilities of a mentee. 





Applications for mentee positions will open in the summer of 2023 :)


Why should you become SASA's mentor? 


Becoming a mentor in our program can be a great way to connect with younger students, give back to the community, and gain experience in mentoring practices. While the mentor's role is very much about sharing wisdom and experience, we hope our mentors will also gain valuable experiences from leading their cohorts and take pride in inspiring a future generation. We hope this program will allow volunteers to reflect on their work and impact within academia. 


We welcome mentors with a Bachelor's degree in any discipline related to Ancient Studies who are passionate about outreach and mentoring and are willing to comply with the program's regulations. At SASA, we recognize that mentoring comes with specific challenges. Hence, we will provide monthly sessions where mentors can network, connect and share their experiences from our program. We hope these meetings will form a community and a creative space for the development of this program, as we want mentors to take an active part in shaping our program in the future. To learn more about our program,chosen approach to mentoring and responsibilities of a mentor please see our Guide (link). 

This is an unpaid volunteer position.

Would you like to volunteer in the program but don't have enough time? 

Consider applying to become a volunteer guest speaker at our Mentoring Events. We seek volunteers interested in preparing talks to introduce our mentees to various Ancient Studies disciplines. Each event will last about an hour and consist of a short, maximum 20-minute presentation about chosen topic and Q&A time. We welcome applicants with at least a Bachelor's degree in any Ancient Studies related field. 

To learn more about our program and approach to mentoring, please see our guide (link). 

In addition to cohort meetings, all mentees are required to participate in Mentoring Events hosted by guest speakers and SASA volunteers. During these events, we will cover topics related to Ancient Studies disciplines, with a particular emphasis on

studying ancient languages, college applications queries and more.

Mentoring Events Guest Speakers application will open soon


Structure of the program 


SASA aims to create a community where all interested in Ancient Studies can collaborate and support each other. In line with this commitment, this program features the cohort mentoring practice. This approach combines the traditional one-on-one method and peer mentoring, meaning one mentor supervises a few mentees simultaneously. Each group will be assembled based on the similarity of their expectations from this program. We hope it will help create meaningful, productive, and confidence-building conversations for all parties involved.


This program is conducted online. The cycle duration is three months, with a possibility of extension depending on the mentee's needs and the mentor's availability. Cohorts will meet at least once every two weeks for one hour. Both mentors and mentees are responsible for scheduling their meetings to find a date that works for all parties. SASA's Mentoring Team will assist and oversee the program's progression. In addition to cohort meetings, we will organize events for mentees, which mentors are welcome to join. Mentors are also encouraged to attend monthly mentor meetings to discuss their work in the program and network. 

Mentor applications will open soon

Mentoring Team Info 


Agnieszka Arcisz Mentoring Program Manager 


Aditya Ramachandran Mentoring Program Volunteer 


Griffin Fox Mentoring Program Volunteer


Stephanie Rice Mentoring Program Volunteer


Autumn Short Mentoring Program Intern

Want to get involved? 

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