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Conference Presentation from SASA Volunteer

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

On March 12th, come watch a live presentation of one of our volunteers, Alfie Garland, at this year’s Graduate Archaeology (Oxford) Conference. Alfie will be delivering a paper about his Master’s Thesis research: “What came first, the Phoenician or the Egg? Examining the geographic distribution and artistic evolution of Decorated Ostrich Eggs in the Mediterranean Iron Age”.

A pair of decorated ostrich eggs preserved and displayed in the British Museum.

This talk will be taking place at 14:20 on March 12th, and will be a part of day two of a three-day event offered by Oxford. Each day has a corresponding theme - Day 1 focuses on production, 2 on Transmission, and 3 on reception. For further information on the conference, themes, and other talks, please check out the promotional material here.

To watch the conference online, access the Zoom link below, with password “Gao2022”!


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