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Congratulations and Goodbye to Tine Rassalle!

We at SASA are delighted to announce that our Fundraising Team Leader, Dr. Tine Rassalle, has been awarded a post as the Curator at the Museum of Southern Jewish Experience, in New Orleans. This is a fantastic post and we are very pleased to see her enter a new role after her recent PhD defense and graduation.

Tine has a range of excellent experience in the studies of the past, having been engaged with ancient cultures prior to her PhD studies. Having worked previously in Providing Financial Services Level 6public facing roles including at museums, Tine’s devotion to sharing knowledge with anyone and everyone with a willingness to learn made her a perfect fit for SASA, and in turn will allow her to excel as a public educator.

Tine’s unique doctoral thesis at University of North Carolina focused on expressions of Ancient Judaism through the nature of Coin Deposits in Ancient Synagogues in Late Antique Palestine. Tine’s passion for her subject and commitment to continually sharing her knowledge has made her Twitter feed a constant and transparent view into the life of an academic, complete with highs and lows - and historical insights thrown in for good measure.

Tine has been an essential part of the team here at SASA, having led our fundraising efforts throughout SASA’s past, stepping up to form and lead the team at a critical time in our organization's history. She has been absolutely instrumental in helping SASA grow, providing the expertise and guidance to acquire a number of significant grants, including $7,150 from the New Jersey council for humanities, $10,000 from the Delmas Foundation, and $21,000 from the University of North Carolina. Her work has been a cornerstone in keeping SASA moving forward, for which we thank her immensely.

We wish Tine all the best with her new role moving forward and hope she continues to exemplify the passion she has always shown to us in her new place of work.


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