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Congratulations Dr. Kate Minniti!

We at SASA would like to congratulate Dr. Kate Minniti for being awarded her PhD from the University of British Columbia in the field of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious studies, with her dissertation research project “Aegyptiaca in Archaic Sicily.” More information on her dissertation can be found at, so if you or anyone you know has an interest in the meaning, imports, and use of Egyptian artifacts in Archaic Sicily, Minniti’s website has it all! For more on Kate and her personal achievements, check on her academic profile at

Kate had already received degrees in three different countries, which helped to prepare her for the strenuous work it would take to obtain her PhD. She first joined SASA to join our archaeogaming project with her previous interest in the world of gaming. She has become active in researching the correlation that exists between games that portray aspects of the ancient world and how truthful these representations are. Now that she has graduated, Kate will be able to combine her interest in Antiquity and her passion for teaching. She is currently working as part of an NYU archaeological excavation team in Selunite (Italy) after working for previous excavations in Motya, Wadi Howei (Sudan) and the Norwegian Archaeological Survey of the Karystia (NASK).

Kate has volunteered at SASA since September 2021 as Co-Lead of the Archaeogaming Live Team, organizing and hosting livestreamed playthroughs of a host of ancient-related video games. Check out her streams on

Kate Minniti - thank you for all your hard work, and congratulations on the well deserved Doctorate!


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