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SASA Partners with Virtual Tourism Providers to Offer Bespoke Historic Tours

Save Ancient Studies Alliance (SASA) and HeyGo are excited to announce a new partnership! HeyGo is a virtual tourism company that delivers live streamed, on-site tours by real tour guides through their phone, supported by their own bespoke streaming platform! This platform allows for interactive live chat between participants and the tour guide, so you really get a feel for the site and the knowledge of the guide, offering you a truly personalized experience. If you’ve ever wanted to see the world but are too busy with work, or don’t have the spare cash for that last minute trip to Greece, then HeyGo is perfect for you. Their customers have called HeyGo an “amazing opportunity” and a “great way to travel”, offering us a new way to explore and experience the world without breaking the bank.

We have partnered with HeyGo to help raise the profile of sites and sights that are teeming with fascinating historical information and contexts but may be otherwise inaccessible to many. In our current age, our world is more interconnected than ever before, but it remains closed off enough to many of us, due to an array of limitations, especially under current restrictions. That is why we are so excited to partner with HeyGo to ensure that such exciting knowledge and exploration can be made accessible to anyone with the passion to see something new!

Initially, SASA and HeyGo will deliver a number of tours together, with our target start date in late winter/early spring.

Our current dates are as listed below;

This partnership is part of a new project SASA initiated this past summer 2021 to begin offering Live On-Site Tours produced in collaboration with partners and volunteers. Our first series was led by Dr. Darius Arya, who showed us around three amazing sites in Rome. Check out the videos here. In addition to our collaboration with Heygo, we are planning a collaboration with Travelusion, another virtual tour company, to organize a series of Live On-Site Tours at medieval sites in Britain this coming March.


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