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Welcoming our new paid Executive Assistant, Dr. Lillian Céspedes González!

SASA would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Executive Assistant, Dr. Lillian Céspedes González, whose position is supported by our CORE Fund. The executive team is a core team at SASA that works directly with our director, Dr. David Danzig, to implement key administrative changes, support workflow procedures, and support our teams as we grow and attract new team members! For more information on SASA’s CORE fund, please click here.

Dr. Céspedes González is a long-time supporter of SASA, having collaborated with us prior through her work with the historical tour company, Travelusion, on virtual tours of archaeological sites in the UK. Through Travelusion, Dr. Céspedes González brings people from all over the world right into historical sites with her expert knowledge and quick wit. Thanks to the burgeoning market for tours that have been limited by travel restrictions, Travelusion has been a perfect way for many prospective fans of the past to explore ancient settings, city-scapes, and points of interest with a personalized tour and all the breadth and depth of knowledge of Dr. Céspedes González’s expert understanding!

Dr. Céspedes González’s work offered an incisive and fresh perspective on the medieval viking subjects. More specifically, her research has focused on the representations of medieval Norse women and the way they are depicted in visual media - such as comic books, and films - and how this translates into wider forms of representation of the medieval viking population in modern popular culture and memory. As well as this, Dr. Céspedes González also hosts a podcast and runs blogs online regarding various topics in popular culture.

We are incredibly excited to welcome Dr. Céspedes González to the team in a formal capacity and we are very much looking forward to her work with us. She will be an integral part of the team within SASA and will help us continue our work into our third year of development and growth as SASA continues onward and upward in our mission to reverse the Downward Trend in Ancient Studies.


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