The Trend Research 

Our Research Team has been looking into what causes the decline of Ancient Studies.

Here you can read about their research and plan to save Ancient Studies!

The current state of

Ancient Studies

The current discussion about the state of Ancient Studies has focused on its declining health. This perception has been particularly fueled, over the past decades, by the diminishing number of students, funding, and institutional support, as well as by the struggles to maintain courses, and sometimes even departments. But, to address this problem there is a need to complement the discussion with hard data.

Therefore, the main goal of this project is to write a white paper documenting the state of Ancient Studies in the United States. We also aim to create an up-to-date database with statistical data about the state and the trends of the Ancient Studies in the United States, as well as to generate comprehensive information and tools for questions and concerns related to the importance and the state of the field.

How to save Ancient Studies

SASA's Research Team is currently working on:

  • Identifying indicators for the state of ancient studies​

  • Creating a standard definition of the Ancient Studies and categorizing its disciplines

  • Compiling significant statistical data about enrollment and completion in higher education institutions

  • Creating chart trends and drawing conclusions of the current state of ancient studies in the United States

  • Generating new data through surveys

  • Creating tools and data to answer the question about the importance of studying the ancient world.