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SASA Inspire Campaign

Our team of Summer Interns has developed a year-long social media campaign which began on September 1st. The aim of the campaign is to inspire curiosity, engagement, education and enjoyment with and from the Ancient World. This page shows just a snippet of all the amazing content you will find on our social media pages!

Ancient Anime *NEW*

Learn how ancient history inspires one of the world's most popular forms of entertainment today, Anime.

Ancient Wisdom

Learn captivating long lost beliefs, lesser known facts & knowledge from the ancient world.

What's that Artifact? 

This category will introduce you to a curious object along with questions about its function and purpose.

Ancient FanFiction

We have researched ancient events, objects, and people in order to write their stories. Check out our videos here.

Scholars & Students

Our videos will feature scholars and students with expertise in different aspects of the ancient world, who come from all levels and backgrounds. Send us your research here.

The Ancient Kitchen

 In this series, we share ancient recipes along with some of our own attempts at recreating them. See our videos here.

SASA Stories

These highlight the backgrounds and experience of some of the amazing volunteers who run SASA. Read them here.

"Modern" Words, Ancient Roots

In this series, we provide you with ancient roots of modern words that we use everyday. Perfect for fun trivia!


This category is our take on Dungeons and Dragons, or as we like to call it, 'Deities&Demigods&Demons.' We will present you with a range of unique characters and creatures.

Pop Culture

From movies like 300 to games like Assassin’s Creed, the ancient world still captures our imagination today. This series will explore pop culture cameos of the past.

Ancient & Me

This category is dedicated to sharing public submissions about the ancient world. Feel free to join in here.

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