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SASA Intro Guides Preamble:

The Save Ancient Studies Alliance is proud to announce the launch of a new introductory series of manuals to help the public study Ancient Studies. The Intro Guides are thematic, geographic, or time-period based introductions to various topics in Ancient Studies. Each Intro Guide contains basic background information, lists of key terms and definitions, brief summaries of previous scholarship and important works in the field, lists of relevant online resources, and a bibliography–all written in plain language for non-specialists. 


As of May 2024, we have published five Intro Guides, one on Mesopotamian religion and four on ancient Greek art: sculpture, funerary sculpture, white-ground lekythoi, and vase paintings. There are many other Intro Guides in the works, including ancient epic poetry and Mesopotamian ritual texts.


The SASA Access Team would like to thank our SASA interns who contributed to producing the Intro Guides (Katia Margariti and Raquel Robbins), as well as our Anna WIlliams for designing this webpage. 


We also want your feedback–use the Google Form in the box above to help us improve existing and future Intro Guides. We will periodically update these files. Please e-mail Access Team leader, Dr. John Haberstroh ( for any comments or questions, or if you would like to contribute to this project.

Greek Sculptures

Funerary Sculptures

Greek Vases

Athenian White-ground Lekythoi

Mesopotamian Religion

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