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SASA Studio

Uncover archives of our video content, learn more about SASA, and find our projects and fun topics related to the Ancient World!​

New Ideas for Ancient Studies

These videos address the current state of Ancient Studies, the problems that the field is facing, and the importance of studying the ancient world in the present-day United States.

SASA Intern Lina Kapp discusses the issues with the prevailing style of ancient language instruction and explains an alternative that could make learning ancient languages so much easier for anyone!

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SASA Info Videos

Find out more about the managers, interns and members of SASA. When we have new projects, research and content, we welcome you to watch our informational videos to hear about the exciting things SASA interns and staff are working on.

Ancient Fan Fiction

Travel back to ancient times through our captivating first-person narratives! Our interns conducted meticulous research as part of the SASA Inspire Campaign; focusing on ancient individuals whose experiences have been neglected for too long by many historians. We provide scholarly resources in the form of articles, blog posts, and podcasts with these stories and hope they inspire you to think twice about ancient figures.

The Ancient Kitchen

Are you ready to cook your own Mesopotamian dessert, Roman bread, or ancient Egyptian cake? Check out our how-to videos featuring delicious ancient recipes recreated by our interns as part of the SASA Inspire Campaign.

Scholars & Students

Part of the SASA Inspire Campaign that is dedicated to highlighting scholars and students working in the ancient world who come from all levels, disciplines, and backgrounds. In these videos, scholars and students answer questions about how they got introduced to or interested in the ancient world, what skills they learned, where they work, and what the most important aspects of studying the ancient world are to them. Find out more and submit your own, here.

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Saturdays @ 2pm EST for: 

  • Archaeogaming with Experts 

  • Movie Reviews with Experts

  • Monthly Book Club: Live Author Q&As

  • Live Ask an Expert Q&As


SASA Live Events

Watch our SASA Live Events on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch, where we discuss a wide variety of ancient history related topics, from research and outreach, to movie debunking and group gameplay sessions.

Instagram Stories & Intern Takeovers

Check out SASA's Instagram stories to find fun and informational polls and quizzes about all kinds of ancient topics! Tune in on Friday's for our Intern Takeovers; where we highlight a different, dedicated SASA intern each week, and they take the reins to answer your questions about anything SASA and/or ancient history related!

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