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Archaeogaming is a new field that integrates the methods of archaeological discovery in the environment of video games, using interactive and collaborative play to teach and learn about the past.

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What are SASA's Video Learning Modules? 

Through the work of educators and scholars, these modules incorporate custom videos with lesson plans centered on specific Ancient Studies topics and themes. We have completed work on our Pilot Program funded by the New Jersey Council for Humanities via the National Endowment for the Humanities and are now working on two more modules, funded by the University of North Carolina's Humanities for the Public Good initiative. Modules have already been used to great effect in classrooms in New Jersey and across the USA. Stay tuned for synchronous and asynchronous instructional webinars coming this Fall 2022.

Introduction to Ancient Pottery: the Material World of Ancient Greece

Created in collaboration with Dr. Shannon Martino

This AEM will examine the process of pottery production in fifth century BCE Athens. Using the game Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey by Ubisoft, the archaeogaming video will explain how vessels were produced, outlining the processes of:

  • Levigation

  • Wedging

  • Forming and shaping (via a potter’s wheel)

  • Decoration

  • 3-stage firing

  • Recycling.


The video emphasises the vessels’ importance as remnants of material culture and what they can tell modern-day historians about ancient Greek society. It also explains the technological process of producing these particular vessels and the chemical reactions involved when firing.


This module is designed to serve as a stand-alone introduction to Ancient Greek material culture. No previous knowledge of Ancient Greece is needed, although introductory material will be provided in this pack.

Building the First Cities: Urbanism in Egypt and Mesopotamia


Created in collaboration with Dr. Brianna Jackson & Kate Minniti

This AEM will examine the rise of the world’s first cities in the River Valley Civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Using the games Nebuchadnezzar by Nepos Games, Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile by Tilted Mill Entertainment, Sumerians by Decumanus Games, Pharaoh by Sierra Entertainment, and Assassin’s Creed: Origins by Ubisoft, the archaeogaming video will outline the environmental, social, and political processes underpinning early urban development.


These include:

  • The river as a central resource

  • Stimulation of agriculture and animal husbandry and its societal consequences

  • Development of industry

  • Social stratification

  • Development of writing

The video stresses that these processes occurred as part of an interconnected journey of development. It also touches on how these early cities influenced later societies and civilizations.


This module is designed to serve as a stand-alone introduction to Mesopotamian and Egyptian urbanism. No previous knowledge of Mesopotamia or Egypt is needed, although introductory material will be provided in this pack.

All Roads Lead to Rome: Making and Maintaining the Roman Empire

Created in collaboration with 

Introduction to Medieval Ireland

Created in collaboration with 

Module Goals

In the Classroom

To create dynamic educational modules that utilize video game content to engage students in classrooms and help them explore the ancient world in original and memorable ways.

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To lift the burden on underfunded schools and teachers by providing cohesive lesson packs and materials which are easily adaptable and ready to use in the classroom.

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 To attract and support teachers’ implementation of innovative technology in their classrooms.



What's in an Archaeogaming Educational Module Package?

10 minute Archaeogaming Video


Supplemental background and classroom material for teachers

Worksheets and Activity sheets for students 

An accompanying PowerPoint

Evaluation and Feedback sheets for both students and teachers

Image by Robert Nyman

Modules are currently being produced for middle school grades. SASA intends to expand the scope of this project in the future by adapting our lessons for middle school, high school, and undergraduate levels.


Please reach out to Project Leader Paige Brevick at


Are you an archaeogamer? Do you hold / are working towards a PhD? Then we need your help! These modules can only be created with the help of academic experts and field specialists. If you would like to join, please fill out this Initial Interest Form and contact Paige Brevick at

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Are You Interested?
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If you are interested in signing up for the program and using our modules, please fill out the Educators Signup Form linked here and below. The materials will then be shared with you free of charge!

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Archaeogaming Educational Modules to use in your classroom!

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