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This is your chance to pick the brains of some of your favorite ancient history authors! From fiction to nonfiction, fantasy to reality, we will explore the worlds of books which are set in ancient times, focus on ancient history, and help you learn more through amazing descriptive imagery of the ancient world.


Join us live to dive into the world of Archaeogaming! Explore popular video games that have connections to the ancient world; what they did right, what they did wrong, and how we can use them as tools for learning. Featuring commentary and guidance from experts in the field and networking with fellow ancient history and gaming lovers! 


Have you ever wondered what you can do with a degree in ancient history, besides being a professor? Join our Live Ask an Expert Q&A's, where you can learn about different career paths, fields of research, and more about the ancient history world. Ask experts specifics about their focus, and details on topics that always fascinated you! 

The SASA Gaming Team is looking for experts in both the ancient world and/or game design and development to share their knowledge and thoughts with a wide, inclusive audience. We invite contributions on all ancient cultures and aspects of the ancient world, as well as reflections on its reception and in-game representations.


Our initiative will consist of three main types of events:

  • Live streams of games set in or dealing with the ancient world with running commentary by experts in the field

  • Short videos in which scholars and devs can dive deeper into a topic of their choice using video games as a medium

  • Game reviews based on their simulations of historical periods and locations

Click the PDF below to read more details about the positions:

Applications open through January 10th, 2022

To apply, please fill out our SASA Archaeogaming Live Sign Up Form, here.

Call for Archaeogaming Experts

Email us now to find out more about joining SASA to lead an upcoming Live Event!

SASA Live Event Archive

(Click the image to watch the recording of each Live Event on Youtube!)

SASA Monthly Book Club

SASA Archaeogaming

SASA Ask an Expert Q&A

"When Women Ruled the World" by Kara Cooney

Hosted by Christian Casey

Bart book.png
"Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife" by Dr. Bart Ehrman

Hosted by Tine Rassalle

“Wolf Girl” by Theresa Tomlinson

Hosted by Christian Casey

moses book tall.jpg
“The Lost Book of Moses” by Chanan Tigay

Hosted by Tine Rassalle

 “Assassin's Creed: Origins” 

Hosted by Christian Casey, Tine Rassalle, and Jess Tomkins 

 “Civilization VI” 

Hosted by Tine Rassalle, Shannon Martino & Aris Politopoulos 

“A Plague Tale: Innocence” 

Hosted by Tine Rassalle, Matt Winter, PhD & Sacha Kacki, PhD

SASA Live Events

Click the image to check out to our current Live Events line up!

something from no-thing 1.jpg
"Something from No-Thing? Creation Myths in Ancient India and Greece"

led by Tuhin Bhattacharjee, Dr. Alessandra Indelicato & Soumyajit Sen

"Gender and Religion in Ancient Israel" 

led by Tine Rassalle, Dr. Eric Trinka & Amanda L. Bauer

Pinar event image (2).png
"Death and Burial in the Ancient World" 

led by Dr. Pinar Durgun & Petra Creamer

"Ancient World Re-Enactments" 

led by Ellie Bennett, Dr. Erik Jellyman & Edward Rowson

"What is Religion in the Ancient World?"

led by Shane M. Thompson & Michael Payne

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