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Supporting Independent Scholars

SASA has created a Working Group to develop programming toward building a new community of Ancient Studies Independent Scholars.

Lets Get Published

Work-in-Progress Forum

These monthly informal gatherings are for Ancient Studies Independent Scholars, students, and other researchers to present their ongoing projects for direct feedback from an audience of like-minded scholars and students. 

Topics presented over the past year include: 

Greek History - Panhellenism
The Great Pyramid of Khufu - The Great Pyramid- How on Earth did they build it?
Egyptology - Medico-magical papyri from Gender Studies
Ancient Phrygia - The Phrygian Cap
Late Antiquity - Epistolary Miracles in Late Antique Gaul
Ancient Egyptian Art - Unprovenanced Limestone Stela in the Louvre Museum
Egyptology - A synoptic study of the Book of the Dead
Assyriology - Royal Gender in Neo-Assyrian royal Ideology
Greek History - Tyche in Julian's letter to Themistius.
Egyptology - A Re-examination of the Burial of Tutankhamun
Egyptology - Consequences of not Correcting Egyptian Genealogies
Archaeology - Cinnamon in Antiquity

Working Group on Independent Scholars Community Building

We believe all scholars who are interested in contributing to Ancient Studies scholarship should be a welcome part of our community of scholars. No matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, and what you do to earn a living, you are a valued member of our scholarly community. Together we will create a truly inclusive, thriving Ancient Studies.

Read our Working Group Goals
The Working Group meets regularly to work on our projects.

To get more information or to join SASA’s Working Group contact Austin Blackman at,
or RSVP to join us at our next meeting

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Resources for Independent Scholars

We are working on gathering resources specifically aimed at helping Independent Scholars navigate the issues they face in being active, engaged scholars. For a full unpublished list of resources please contact 

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