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SASA Reading Groups

Together with you, we are proud to celebrate
SASA's 4th Year of Reading Groups!

SASA Reading Groups are proud to be sponsored by

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Through this project, we aim to continue to open the world of Ancient Studies to students in high school, college and beyond. Each group is led by a SASA Educational Ambassador, a dedicated PhD student specialising in that particular area of study.

Groups are set up as informal discussion sessions in which participants examine the themes and ideas in the weekly readings, as guided by the Educational Ambassador.

Reading materials are supplied in digital format by the Educational Ambassador several days in advance of each meeting to allow participants to prepare for discussion during the live session, hosted on Zoom.

SASA Reading Group & Master Class Archive

(Click the image to view the Live Syllabus, when available from groups!)

The Search for the Golden Fleece: Jason and the Argonauts

Led by John Haberstroh


A Brief Introduction to Maya Hieroglyphic Writing

Led by Catherine Wilde

Politics Past and Present: The (Non)Difference

Led by Georgina Longley

Loving, Losing, Remembering: Kālidāsa’s The Recognition of Śakuntalā

​​Led by Tuhin Bhattacharjee

An Introduction to Ancient Near-Eastern Music ‘Theory’: Understanding Musical Inscriptions

​​Led by Dylan Gibson 

Gifts, Leadership, and Survival: A Journey Through the Persian Empire with Xenophon

Led by John Haberstroh

Taking Care of Egypt, Taking Care of the Home: The Power of Elite and Royal Women

Led by Luiza Silva

Long ago, in a Galaxy Called the Milky Way: Creation Stories Around the World

Led by Shane M. Thompson

Isaiah Scroll.jpeg
The Ancient Library of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Led by Tine Rassalle

“In Their Proper Place": Women in Ancient Egypt

Led by Theresa Tiliakos

Gilgamesh Flood Story

Led by Martin Worthington  


Something Wicked? 
An Introduction to Greco-Roman Magic


Led by James Gilmer

The Ancient Olympic Games

Led by John Haberstroh

Representations of “the Other” in ancient Egyptian literature

​​Led by Kate Minniti & Briana Jackson

Arrian’s ‘Anabasis’ 
The Campaigns of Alexander the Great

​​Led by Meg Finlayson 

Queering Myth: Oedipus in Antiquity & Today

​​Led by Yoandy Cabrera Ortega

Griekse Oud Beeldhouwwerk van Warrior

Secret Communication in the Ancient World

Led by Martine Diepenbroek

Durga Indian Goddess
What was the Ancient Indian Religion?

Led by Pratishtha Mukherjee


Understanding the Vikings through their texts

Led by Lillian Cespedes Gonzalez


The Tragic in Ancient Sanskrit & Greek Drama​

Led by Tuhin Bhattacharjee

Heroes and Gods in Greek Mythology

Led by Kate Minniti

roman women.jpeg
Perspectives on Roman Women

​​Led by Victoria Muccilli

Image by Gabriel Varaljay
From Soapy Slaughter to Soap Opera

​​Led by Georgina Longley 

Women and Power in Ancient Turkey: Hittite Queens and Queenship

Led by Michael Moore.

Summer 2020 Reading Group Posts (4).png
Silicon Valleys of the Ancient World: Ancient Technology, Metals and Mining

Led by Sara Quaggio 

Gods, Ghosts, and Graves: Archaeology of Religions

Led by Bruno Soltic

Pharaoh Triumphant: Power Politics in Ancient Egypt

​​Led by Luiza Silva

Exodus, Exile, and Immigration in the Old Testament

​​Led by Eric Trinka, PhD.

Secret Knowledge of the Doctor: Health and Medicine in the Ancient World

​​Led by Dr. Casey Kirkpatrick

Lazarus Rising: The Tenth Century Byzantine Military Renaissance

Led by James Gilmer  

Maya Myths in Art & Writing

Led by Catherine Wilde

Food & Feasting in the Ancient World

Led by Michael Moore

The Making of a “Bad” Emperor: 
Tyrants and Hedonists?

​​Led by Victoria Muccilli

Ancient Egypt in Africa

​​Led by Tawala Adodo

sasa egyptian.jpeg
Egyptian Gods

Led by Kate Minniti and Brianna Jackson

Ancient Maya Culture

Led by Catherine Nuckols-Wilde

Ancients Did It Too!.jpg
Life and Time in Persia

Led by John Haberstroh and Babette Margolies

Ancients Coins
Trade in Sumerian Mythology

Led by Sara Quaggio

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm
Literatura y Filosofía en la antigua Grecia: de los Presocráticos a Platón

Led by Javier Maldonado Fernández

Geruïneerd Oude architectuur
Hidden in Plain Sight: Slaves in Roman Society

Led by Jamie Young

World History Class
World History through the Environment

Led by Gregory Allan Viesmann Jr.

Ancient Maya Culture

Led by Charlotte Dietrich

Secret Carvings: Homer's story of Bellerophon

Led by Martine Diepenbroek

Hieroglyphic Stelae

Led by Catherine Nuckols-Wilde & Stacey Davidson

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm
Power and Justice in the Ancient World

Led by Michael Moore

Caro Tresque: Roman and Southern Cuisine

Led by Molly Stevens

Hebrew Writings
She Who Wrote: Enheduanna and Women of Mesopotamia

Led by Nicole Leist

ābhūṣaṇāni- The Ancient Indian Ornament

Led by Pratishtha Mukherjee

Image by Sharon Pittaway
True Colors: Reading the Ancient Mediterranean Through Color

Led by Rachael Goldman

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