SASA Reading Groups

Texts-in-Translation groups connect those interested in the Ancient World through a range of topics explored in live weekly discussions

Through this project, we aim to continue to open the world of Ancient Studies to students in high school, college and beyond. Each group is led by a SASA Educational Ambassador, a dedicated PhD student specialising in that particular area of study.

Groups are set up as informal discussion sessions in which participants examine the themes and ideas in the weekly readings, as guided by the Educational Ambassador.

Reading materials are supplied in digital format by the Educational Ambassador several days in advance of each meeting to allow participants to prepare for discussion during the live session, hosted on Zoom.

SASA Reading Group Archive

Gender Indentity and Sexuality in Greek & Roman Literature

Led by John Habertroh

Playing with Death: Games in the Ancient World

Led by Shane M. Thompson

Roots, Seeds & Trees: Genealogies of Modern Racism & Ethnocentrism in Greece & Rome

Led by John Haberstroh

Ancients Dit It Too! Sex, Desire, and Seduction in Ancient India & Greece

​​Led by Tuhin Bhattacharjee

Tales of Magic and Wonder from Ancient Egyptian Literature

Led by Christian Casey

Secret Knowledge of the Doctor: Health and Medicine in the Ancient World

Led by Dr. Casey Kirkpatrick

Long ago, in a Galaxy Called the Milky Way: Creation Stories Around the World

Led by Shane M. Thompson

The Ancient Library of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Led by Tine Rassalle

“In Their Proper Place": Women in Ancient Egypt

Led by Theresa Tiliakos

Exodus, Exile, and Immigration in the Old Testament 

Led by Eric Trinka, PhD.

Silicon Valleys of the Ancient World: Ancient Technology, Metals and Mining

Led by Sara Quaggio 

Gods, Ghosts, and Graves: Archaeology of Religions

Led by Bruno Soltic

Pharaoh Triumphant: Power Politics in Ancient Egypt

​​Led by Luiza Silva

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