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Opening the Ancient World

A Public Academic Virtual Conference

SASA has created a new type of annual academic
Ancient Studies conference.

We are proud to have convened scholars from around the world and from all fields within Ancient Studies annually since 2021!

Click here for the Conference Report 2023

Conference Goals

In the Classroom


Hold an academic Ancient Studies conference freely available to the public.

Senior Female Teacher


Foster discussion and action regarding public outreach and scholarly inclusiveness.

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Present and support excellent scholarship by independent scholars around the world.

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Build a community of all who study the deep past,  whether they work inside or outside academia.

Conference Components

Renowned Keynote Speakers

Academic Sessions with Independent Scholars' Presentations

Workshops & Roundtable discussions on Issues in Ancient Studies

Livestreaming on multiple SASA and partner platforms

Widespread advertising

Public Q&A for all presentations

Next Year's Conference

Opening the Ancient World 2024
Representations of the Past in Ancient & Modern

Supported by a grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation

Live Interpretation between English - Spanish - Arabic

Conference Description

Past Conferences


Theme: Discovery, Science, and Technology in the Ancient World: Traditions and Innovations 

When: July 23rd and 24th, 2023

Viewership: 17,000

Where: Livestreamed on:

SASA's YouTubeFacebook, Twitch, and Twitter

World History Encyclopedia's YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

Digital Hammurabi's YouTube, Twitter and Twitch

Voices of Ancient Egypt YouTube

World of Antiquity's YouTube

Per-Hay Studio's YouTube

New Classicists' Facebook and Twitter

The History of the World YouTube

History with Kayleigh YouTubeTwitter and Facebook


Theme: Who Has the Power? - Leaders and Leadership in the Ancient World

When: August 14-15, 2022

Viewership: 10,000

Where: Livestreamed on:

SASA's YouTubeFacebook, Twitch, and Twitter

Digital Hammurabi's YouTube

Voices of Ancient Egypt YouTube

World History Encyclopedia's YouTube, and Facebook

World of Antiquity's YouTube

Per-Hay Studio's YouTube

By Jove Theatre Company's Facebook


Theme: Religion, History, & Culture

When: August 15 & 16, 2021

Viewership: 1,800

Where: Livestreamed on: 

SASA's YouTubeFacebook, Twitch, and Twitter

Digital Hammurabi's YouTube

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Please contact us with any questions or concerns at

Past Keynotes


Alexander Jones.jpeg

Dr. Alexander Jones

Professor of the History of Exact Sciences in Antiquity at New York University


Director of the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

  • website_icon
Adrienne Mayor.jpeg

Dr. Adrienne Mayor

Research Scholar in the Classics Department and History and Philosophy of Science Program at

Stanford University


  • website_icon
  • Twitter

Dr. Jeffrey Moser


Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture at Brown University

  • website_icon



Dr. Kara Cooney

Egyptologist, archeologist, Associate Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA and chair of the Department of Near Eastern Language and Cultures at UCLA

  • Twitter
Sarah Allan pic.jpeg

Dr. Sarah Allan

Burlington Northern Foundation Professor of Asian Studies Emeritus,

Dartmouth College. 

She specializes in the study of China before the Qin Dynasty.

  • website-icon_342655

Dr. Amanda Podany


Professor of History at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She specializes in the study of Syria and Mesopotamia in the Middle and Late Bronze Age

  • Twitter


Mark Smith.webp

Dr. Mark Smith

Helene Professor of Old Testament Literature and Exegesis at Princeton Theological Seminary

  • website_icon

Dr. Moudhy al-Rashid

Assyriologist and Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Oxford

  • Twitter

Heba Abd el Gawad


Postdoctoral Researcher for "Egypt's Dispersed Heritage: Views from Egypt" at the Institute of Archaeology, University College of London

  • Twitter
Saber Parian.JPG

Saber A. Parian



Researcher of Elamite and the Behistun Inscription

  • Twitter
The conference is FREE to attend but donations are appreciated.
Your tax-deductible donation helps support SASA’s education and live events programs.
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