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Archaeogaming Video Learning Modules

Creating educational packages that integrate video games with lessons on Ancient Studies to provide a new way of teaching younger audiences about the past.

Distance Learning

Ancient Studies Resources

Compiling a database that lists websites with Ancient Studies primary and secondary sources, lesson plans, museum tours, etc. to facilitate access to such resources.

Colourful Pile of Old Books
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Seasonal Live Events

SASA is running a range of different live events including: SASA Monthly Book Club, SASA Archaeogaming and SASA Ask an Expert Q&A panels. Get ready to talk to the experts on all things ancient.

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Virtual Conference in Partnership with Digital Hammurabi

SASA & Digital Hammurabi have partnered to develop a free public virtual Ancient Studies conference designed to include scholars in all professional situations and to promote lifelong scholarship.

Documenting Ancient Studies Decline

Producing a White Paper on the state of Ancient Studies to show the decline in participation, funding and institutional support over the past several decades.


Where Can I Study the Ancient World?

Collecting and presenting a full, searchable list of all undergraduate and graduate Ancient Studies programs in all fields under the AS umbrella.

Coming soon!


Reading Groups

Opening the world of Ancient Studies to High School and College Students by connecting them with our wonderful Educational Ambassadors, who are PhD students.


SASA Inspire Social Media Campaign

SASA has been working this summer to develop a year long social media campaign of tantalizing posts about the Ancient World, that began on September 1, 2020.

Please drop us a line if you have any ideas about future events or want to volunteer with SASA!

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