Fall Live Events

SASA Group Gameplay

Join SASA for our first ever Fall Live Event! We will be exploring the fascinating world of Archaeogaming; where gaming technology and archaeology meet.

Hosted by Christian Casey, the Eygptologist.

On September 12th we will dive into the ancient Egyptian world of “Assassins Creed: Origins”. Featuring worldwide group gameplay, commentary and guidance from experts in the field, and networking with fellow ancient history and gaming lovers! 

SASA Monthly Book Club

This is your chance to pick the brains of some of your favorite ancient history authors! From fiction to nonfiction, fantasy to reality, we will explore the worlds of some of the most popular books and novels which are set in ancient times, focus on ancient history, and help you learn more through amazing descriptive imagery of the ancient world.

SASA Monthly Book Club: September 2020 Feature

"When Women Ruled the World" by Kara Cooney

Dr. Kara Cooney is an Eyptologist and archaeologist working at UCLA as both an associate professor of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, and the Chair of the Department of Near Eastern Language and Cultures.  

Start reading NOW to get your questions and insights ready for our first Live Ask the Author Q&A coming up September 19th!


SASA Ask an Expert Q&A

Have you ever wondered what you can do with an academic degree in ancient history, besides being a professor? Are you nervous to study ancient history because you think you will need to know every fact about the world, too many dates, names, and places? 

Join us on September 26th for our first Live Ask an Expert Q&A, where you can hear about different forms of study, research, and career paths in ancient history; ask experts about their focus, and details on topics that always fascinated you, and start planning your own future within ancient history studies! 

Featured Expert: September 2020

Tuhin Bhattacharjee, a current PhD Student at NYU 

Topic: The Feminine in Ancient Hindu and Greek Cosmogonies

Online Summer Reading Groups

SASA is running a series of FREE weekly online Summer Reading Groups of ancient texts-in-translation for high school and college students, and open to all others as well! Each group is led by a SASA Educational Ambassador, a PhD student specializing in that particular area of study. Groups are designed as informal discussion sessions, in which participants discuss the themes and ideas found in the weekly readings, as guided by the Group Leader.

Digital format readings will be supplied by the Educational Ambassador several days in advance of each meeting, to allow participants to prepare for discussion during the session. Weekly meetings for the Reading Group will be held on Zoom, at the day and time specified for each Event listed below.

Summer groups are scheduled to begin the week of Sunday, June 14th and run for 8 weeks.

Please contact with any questions or suggestions.


If you would like to volunteer as a future Group Leader, please contact

Upcoming Events

"Long Ago, in a Galaxy Called the Milky Way: Creation Stories from Around the World" Session 8
Zoom Meeting
"Ancients Did It Too! Sex, Desire, and Seduction in Ancient India and Greece" Texts-in-Translation Group Session 8
Zoom Meeting
"Gods, Ghosts, and Graves: Archaeology of Religions" Texts-in-Translation Online Reading Group Session 8
Zoom Meeting
"The Ancient Library of the Dead Sea Scrolls " Texts-in-Translation Online Reading Group Session 8
Zoom Meeting
"Pharaoh Triumphant: Power Politics in Ancient Egypt" Texts-in-Translation Online Reading Group Session 8
Zoom Meeting
“In Their Proper Place: Women in Ancient Egypt" Texts-in-Translation Online Reading Group Session 7
Zoom Meeting
"Silicon Valleys of the Ancient World: The Long Journeys of Metals for the Prestige of the Few" Reading Group Session 8
Zoom Meeting
"Secret Knowledge of the Doctor: Health and Medicine in the Ancient World" Text-In-Translation Reading Group Session 8
Zoom Meeting
"Roots, Seeds, and Trees: The Genealogies of Modern Racism & Ethnocentrism in Ancient Greece & Rome" Session 8 (1)
Zoom Meeting

Summer Fundraiser

Help us raise $2,000 to fund SASA's upcoming social media campaign, "Inspire 100,000 for Ancient Studies"!




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SASA is a tax exempt non-profit organization under 501(c)3




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SASA is a tax exempt non-profit organization under 501(c)3

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