Our internships and volunteer staff are unfortunately unpaid at the moment. We are aware of the problems surrounding unpaid labor, which is why we are actively working towards raising funds, applying for grants and getting donations. Please consider donating so we can pay our hard-working volunteers and interns!


In our first 6 months as an NGO, we have:


You can support SASA's mission directly by making a donation today. This money will be used to help pay interns, do research, inspire new students, and raise awareness of Ancient Studies!


Amazon Smile is a program that donates to your charity of choice every time you make a purchase - at no extra cost to you! A free and easy way to support SASA!

Now you can set up Amazon Smile for purchases on your phone!

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If donating directly is not an option for you, consider  sharing our online Facebook Fundraiser to help us gain traction and grow as an organization! Every like, comment, and share helps boost awareness of SASA, our mission, and Ancient Studies as a whole!

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