Vision for a New Ancient Studies with relevance to major social issues today.

Coalition of Ancient Studies Organizations (CASO)

Save Ancient Studies Alliance (SASA) along with Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and Society for Classical Studies (SCS) have created a new formal network of academic organizations involved in any field of Ancient Studies.


The goal of this Coalition is to bring together our organizations, and their memberships and constituencies, to work together on public outreach, advocacy, and access projects in order to reverse The Downward Trend in Ancient Studies fields.

Current Projects

  • Collecting Online Resources for Ancient Studies

  • Collecting all Available Programs in Ancient Studies

  • Collecting all Available Fellowships for Students Interested in Ancient Studies

  • Survey on Entry Paths into Ancient Studies

We envision a successful Coalition of Ancient Studies Organizations (CASO) as creating a broader platform for our fields in order to engage with national humanities advocacy organizations.

We welcome other learned societies whose areas of study at least partially overlap with the ancient past to join CASO. Member organizations in CASO share the responsibility of participating in joint CASO projects and in helping further CASO.

To inquire about CASO, please contact SASA’s Director, David Danzig:

Partner Organizations

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