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Below, you will find a variety of projects, from purely scholarly work, to podcasts and even operas, which SASA believes help pave the way to Save Ancient Studies and make them more accessible.

Accessible Art History

Accessible Art History is all about creating an accessible space for art history lovers, students, or anyone who is curious to learn about art history and its importance. This is accomplished through social media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook), a blog, and curriculum creation.

Analisa - Founder. Analisa founded Accessible Art History in 2019 to share her passion of art history and education with others. She graduated in 2013 with an honors bachelor of arts in art history from the University of Washington and is currently pursuing a Master's in Secondary Education with an emphasis in the Humanities from Grand Canyon University. Analisa's speciality is Early Christianity through Medieval art, with an emphasis on pilgrimage and relics/reliquaries.

Digital Hammurabi

Digital Hammurabi is a public outreach and digital humanities project, the creative brainchild of Assyriologist Megan Lewis which she begun in April 2018. The project consists of a YouTube channel, podcast and animated videos to make the ancient Near East accessible. Megan is ably assisted by a number of friends and colleagues.

Megan Lewis, E. L. Meszaros, Sara Mohr and Dr. Joshua Bowen

Moan Inc.

Moan Inc. (which stands for MOdern ANcients) acts as the middle man between the myths we are told as children and the university lecture space everyone tries to avoid. By bringing the ancient world into the familiar light of the 21st century, Moan aims to show our viewers that the ancient world isn’t as tough or complicated to study as one may think.

The creator of Moan Inc. is Erica Stevenson (hi!). I received my Bachelor of Arts in Classical Civilisation from New York University in 2017 after graduating in 3 years.

Religion For Breakfast

Religion For Breakfast is a YouTube channel dedicated to the academic study of religion and improving the public's religious literacy. Many Religion For Breakfast videos examine the history and archaeology of ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern religions.

Dr. Andrew Henry is a scholar of religious studies. His research focuses on religion in the late antique Mediterranean world.

The Philagora Review

This is one of the leading teenage journals of the Classics, a forum for young scholars to discuss, analyze, and learn. In light of the versatility of our digital platform, we strive to publish various non-textual media offerings alongside traditional written publications. Publishing a quarterly journal for scholars interested in longer articles, we utilize both external submissions as well as internal contributions.
Beyond the simple translations in the classroom, Philagora holds a larger mission for the Classics Community: Revitalize the Classics. We plan on achieving this goal through a equitable, scholarly environment for all students. Our main outputs include articles posted on our website, zoom Q&A's, and a written journals.

Aaron Chung, Co-Founder/Editor in Chief. Julian Dahl, Co-Founder/Editor in Chief. Hamilton Gundlach, Co-Founder/Director of Multimedia.

Archaeologists Anonymous

Archaeologists Anonymous is a YouTube show that makes learning about the Archaeology of the ancient world fun, engaging and informative. Are you interested in learning how the ancient Romans did their hair? How the Persians won a battle against Egypt using cats? Then check out Archaeologists Anonymous, a safe space to be an Archaeology nerd!

Sean Silvia

Immortals Reenactment

Immortals Re-enactment aims to bring awareness to the fascinating history of Achaemenid Persia. We do in-person events where we interact with members of the public and offer a tactile experience of what Achaemenid Persian life was like. We also create displays where we recreate ancient battles involving the Achaemenids. We are also experimenting with online sessions for the public and for our members.

Dr Ellie Bennett - Chair: I love the history of the ancient Middle East - in fact, I'm studying for a PhD in it! I love teaching people about the history, and on the field you'll see me with a bow and arrow!
Dr Erik Jellyman - Treasurer: Even though I'm a physicist, I really enjoy the Persian history and culture. You will usually find me with a spear and a sword on the battlefield.
Edward Rowson - Secretary: I became a reenactor when I was 12, and the passion I found the hobby has followed me through my degree and into the exciting world of Immortals Reenactment! You'll always find me with the biggest shield and silliest hat!

Per-Hay Studio

Per-Hay Studio brings ancient Egypt to life with two video documentary series on YouTube. Ancient Egyptian Object Stories examines ancient Egyptian artifacts with the goal of teaching the casual viewer about Egypt through objects. Ancient Lives on the Nile examines ancient Egyptian themes with the goal to present ancient Egyptian personhood, focusing on interpersonal relationships and the Egyptian voice, and combatting sensationalist perspectives and interpretations found in mainstream television documentaries.

Briana received her PhD in Egyptian art and archaeology from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University in 2021. Her dissertation examined the spread of Aten cult throughout Egypt and Sudan. Briana's main research interests are the Amarna Period, Egypt's international relations, and archaeogaming.

The American Institute for Roman Culture/Ancient Rome Live

The American Institute for Roman Culture works tirelessly to preserve and protect Rome’s extraordinary and unique cultural legacy through education, outreach, and action.

Dr Darius A. Arya (CEO of the American Institute for Roman Culture) works tirelessly to promote Roman culture and history via digital mediums including social media (Twitter, Instagram) and live-streaming (Periscope, Facebook Live).

The Queer Classicist

The Queer Classicist site was created to share how weird, colourful, and sexual the Ancient World really was. As a Queer student of Classics, Yentl Love was increasingly annoyed by both the heteronormativity and elitism of the field, and so created The Queer Classicist to share research about often overlooked parts of ancient history, in a fun and accessible way. With posts ranging from how antiquity appears in the music videos of Lil Nas X and Harry Styles, to exploring evidence of ancient Transgender lives, The Queer Classicist brings together Classics, Pop Culture and Politics to entertain and educate.

Yentl Love (She/Her) is an independent researcher of Ancient History, and the creator of The Queer Classicist in which she writes about how sexy, weird, and relatable Ancient History can be.

By Jove Theatre Company

By Jove tell old stories in new ways. We take myths, pull them apart, and weave them back
together for a contemporary audience. We elevate women and LGBTQ+ artists, and work to make theatre more representative for all.

By Jove have staged several productions based on ancient Greek tragedy and myth over the ten years we have been working together, including new versions of Medea, Bacchae, the Oresteia and others. We present innovative theatre, poetry and other media with immersive, engaging elements to encourage new audiences to experience these ancient stories.

The company, who work collaboratively on all projects, are: Marcus Bell, SJ Brady, David Bullen, Sinead Costelloe, Susanna Dye, Wendy Haines, Christine Plastow, James Potter, Nicole Savin, Alexander Woodward, Vivienne Youel.

Mesoamerican Studies Online

The goal of Mesoamerican Studies Online is to help make reliable research about Ancient Mesoamerica more accessible to the general public by creating blog posts and podcast episodes in which we share thematic information (in English and Spanish) about the ancient cultures of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. On the podcast we also interview scholars about their recent projects and we offer free and paid courses for those who wish to learn more. We also believe that it is important to prioritize giving a voice to frequently underrepresented and/or marginalized communities in academia; people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and graduate/undergraduate students.

Catherine Nuckols-Wilde, Founder. Catherine is a Mesoamerican art historian who specializes in the art and writing of the Classic Maya.

Queer and the Classical

The objective of the Queer and the Classical research network is to bring together young researchers and artists interested in the intersections of queerness and classical material, broadly defined. We aim also to foster new and radical ways to imagine future engagements with the queer and the classical both inside and outside of academia, with a particular focus on creative responses and receptions. This work is not limited to the field of Classics but is necessarily interdisciplinary and even antidisciplinary.

Marcus Bell (he/they), Marcus works on choreographing tragedy at the turn of the twenty-first century, with a particular focus on queer theory and performance studies.
Eleonora Colli (she/her), Eleonora studies the role played by the figure of the simile in disturbing the gender binary, both across classical literature and its modern receptions.
Nicolette D'Angelo (she/her), Nicolette studies the reception of ancient Greek medicine and its receptions, especially with regard to ancient and modern conceptions of gender and sexuality.

The Ozymandias Project

Our goal is to improve and expand the accessibility of the ancient studies for all, by facilitating conversations about the ancient world through the lens of contemporary storytelling; and to analyze the achievements of the ancient world, our future aspirations, and the actions we can take to make the ancient studies more relevant to a modern audience. We will be fostering conversations with scholars and entertainment industry professionals through our bi-weekly podcast, social media post, promotional ads & archaeogaming videos.

Alexandra "Lexie" Henning - Founder/CEO & Podcast Host and Daniel Maday - Executive Producer & COO

If you are interested in being featured, please contact us at outreach@saveancientstudies.org and we will be in touch!