Our Mission

Our mission is to reverse the current downward trend in the study of the ancient world by engaging the public and bringing together students and scholars to share their passion for the study of the ancient world, in order to inspire a vast new generation of students.

Our Core Values


As an organisation, we believe that regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, age, race, disability or religion, everyone has a right to learn and to be supported in this journey.


Our goal is to make the study of the Ancient World accessible to as many people as possible. To this end, we will push to break down barriers to higher education and to make ancient studies a safe place for all.


Our purpose is to educate. We believe that education empowers individuals and that an education in the past is vital. We acknowledge the importance of studying the Ancient World to understand the modern world we live in.


We strive for the highest quality of content and education, hiring experts within the field and working to ensure that our research and information is of a high academic standard.


Although we have a love for the past, we understand that being stuck in the past can prove to be very dangerous and problematic. We have made a commitment as an organisation to grow and evolve with the times.


All our volunteers have a strong passion for the Ancient World. We believe that when people are passionate about their work, the best results can and will be achieved.


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