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Congratulations Sage Michaels!

We at SASA would like to congratulate Sage Michaels for being awarded her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Santa Cruz in the field of European History, with a minor in Jewish Studies as of June 2022.

Sage has begun to incorporate her BA with her passion for museum work. “Having completed my BA in history I’m super excited to get involved in the museum. I’m looking forward to seeing what jobs I can get with my BA and potentially getting a graduate degree in the future.” Sage has already begun working in museum settings. She currently works as a Museum Educator with the Lexington Historical Society and a Visitor Experience Ambassador at the Boston Children’s Museum.

Sage has volunteered at SASA since September 2020 as a key member of the Live Events team. She joined the Archaeogaming Education Team when it was formed and is currently still involved with both teams. Sage discussed her experience with SASA in her job interviews and credited her experience planning reading groups and creating learning modules as part of the reason she was hired. As part of the Live Events team, she helps to develop, plan, and run SASA’s live events as well as being our Reading Group Assistant Coordinator. If you or anyone you think may be interested in our Live events, check out upcoming events at

Thank you Sage for all your hard work, and congratulations on the well deserved BA! Good luck on your future career!


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