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Introducing SASA’s North Texas Branch!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

SASA has exciting news for fans of Ancient Studies living in northern Texas! The new North Texas Branch of SASA is hitting the ground running, with new live and in-person events for young students. Leading the new branch is Dr. Miguel Vargas. Dr. Vargas has an

MA in Ancient History from the University in North Texas and a PhD in Ancient Mediterranean religions from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has been with SASA for half a year, and is excited to start a local chapter in his hometown of Dallas.

SASA North Texas is a new foray for SASA, as a more local, in-person organization, focused on outreach to minority students who may not have considered Ancient Studies as an option for career or independent research. By highlighting Ancient Studies in familiar media and hosting talks and presentations, SASA North Texas hopes to bring the study of the Ancient World to a wider audience. Currently, SASA North Texas has a Facebook page, found here. The goal of this page is to be a resource, collecting all Ancient Studies-related information and events in North Texas in one place!

This September 21st, SASA North Texas is running a booth at the University of Texas Arlington’s All Majors Job and Internship fair from 12pm to 4pm. Come visit and talk about future initiatives! After the booth, Dr. Vargas will be giving a talk with Dallas Latinas in Progress titled “Ancient Studies Today: Ancient Studies in College and Beyond.” Latinas in Progress Dallas engages high school and college age Latina students, preparing them for college and life after graduation. Dr. Vargas’ talk will be about Ancient Studies courses they can take in Dallas/Fort Worth, what to expect in ancient studies and humanities courses, and the value that ancient studies coursework can bring, even in non-academic careers.

Other planned events include a film screening in Spring 2023, collaborating with University of North Texas’ Black Film Club, at the Alamo Drafthouse in Denton, Texas. The film shown will be Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, giving Black students an insight into how their culture is a part of ancient history.

Future partnerships are also in the works! SASA North Texas recently met with the founder of Dallas-based video game studio Morai Myths, developer of the recently released visual novel The Good People (Na Doeine Maithe), of which Ancient Studies is a huge inspiration and resource!

SASA North Texas is looking for volunteers! If you live in the North Texas area and would like to help bring Ancient Studies to a wider, more diverse audience, contact Dr. Miguel Vargas at


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