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SASA contracts with ArchaeoPress to publish conference proceedings

SASA is very proud to announce that we have signed a contract with the publishing house ArchaeoPress ahead of our upcoming Virtual Conference!

This contract will help SASA to publish the proceedings of our previous virtual conference in a volume titled Opening the Ancient World: Culture, Memory, and Identity, Then and Now. These proceedings will be a part of their open access “Access Archaeology” book series. As ever, reducing barriers to access in Ancient Studies is at the core of SASA’s mission, so it has been important to us to publish in open-source formats.

ArchaeoPress is an industry leader in this regard, so publishing with them will continue our work in supporting open access in Ancient Studies within our own work and in the wider industry.

Open access has costs, which we are able to meet through the volunteer efforts of our editorial team, David Danzig, Bryan Kinzbrunner, Megan Lewis, Georgina Longley, and Anh Nguyen. More information on the publication of this work will be circulated once a release date has been established.

SASA is incredibly proud of the hard work that has gone into establishing the Virtual Conference and into all the submissions for this year’s conference. This publication marks the continued fruition of SASA’s vision of an accessible delivery of Ancient Studies content to all, and provides proof of the demand for education beyond the conventional mediums and without the barriers that are so often put in place in Ancient Studies. These efforts will be continued in August of 2022, as we deliver our second open-access Virtual Conference.

With the help of ArchaeoPress and our contributors, SASA hopes to continue to spearhead the development of accessible and open opportunities for learning in Ancient Studies.


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