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SASA is now on TikTok!

SASA is excited to announce that we are now using TikTok! This is our latest venture to improve awareness and access to the field of Ancient Studies.

Building upon our already wide social media presence (Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Twitch), our Summer 2022 Intern and current volunteer, Charlotte Davies, created our TikTok account, posting informative, entertaining content about SASA and the ancient world. We already have over 270 followers and 3,300 likes of our page, One of our TikToks has over 11,000 views - check it out!

TikTok is a short-form video platform that is incredibly popular with younger audiences. TikTok videos usually satirize popular culture through sound bites and contrasting visuals with auditory memes. But overlapping this media we also find niche communities drawn together by interest and knowledge. By branching out on TikTok, we can leverage the power of the internet even further, to draw in a bigger audience for our movement and share the excitement we feel about the Ancient World.

If you have a creative mind and are enthusiastic about short-format videos you might be interested in helping SASA create TikToks. If you’re interested in helping out, please be in touch with Charlotte Davies,


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