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Welcoming our Newest SASA Team Leaders!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

SASA is excited to introduce three new new volunteer team leaders: Sarah Richardson, Yuna Kim, and Marisa Morgan! Our team leaders are essential to the success of our work, conducting weekly meetings and guiding interns. Each of our team leaders are committed to SASA's mission to spread awareness of the importance of keeping ancient studies alive through education and resources.

Sarah Richardson joined SASA this past winter, bringing her experiences in grant-writing and community outreach in the education sector. As the Outreach Team Leader, Sarah works on contacting and researching potential partners --from all around the world-- to add to our rapidly growing list. This currently includes an exciting project with a modern approach: onboarding TikTokers! Combining her experience in public education with her insight for modern trends, Sarah is working to promote the SASA message beyond the scholarly realm into the younger, and more digital demographics.

As one of the newest members of SASA, Yuna Kim leads the Inter-Organizational Communications Team. She organizes SASA communications such as blog posts and newsletters for our ever-growing external network. Yuna has been involved in ancient studies from a young age, receiving the Baxter Award for Classics for her commitment to Latin studies as well as participating in the 2019 Yeronisos Island Expedition. Having just completed her M.A. Art History program in London, Yuna looks forward to leading her team with her enthusiasm and diverse experiences in global art markets.

Last but not least, Marisa Morgan is our new Fundraising Team Leader! The Fundraising Team is an important branch of SASA due to our nonprofit nature. The Fundraising Team is responsible for making our projects possible through campaigning efforts and sustained networking. Marisa expects to guide her team through current significant milestones that require sustained funding efforts, such as our Birthday Bash event and the completion of the Annual Report.


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