North Texas Branch

The North Texas Branch Initiative has two major goals: (1) to generate interest in Ancient Studies among high school and college students in the North Texas region through interactive programming and collaboration with local organizations and institutions, and (2) to create a network of organizations and educators in the region that utilize Ancient Studies content to encourage higher education and intellectual growth.



Ancient Studies Presentations

Request a presentation from one of our SASA Educational Ambassadors. Topics can include general presentations on Ancient Studies, SASA and the North Texas Branch Initiative, and the reception of Ancient Studies material by academic and non-academic professionals and creators.

Reading Groups

Through this project, we aim to continue to open the world of Ancient Studies to
students in high school, college, and beyond. Each group is led by a SASA Educational 
Ambassador. Readings can include comic books, graphic novels, and texts-in- translation. Activities and discussions vary depending on the selected topic andreading materials.

Mentor Program 

Mentor Program 

Partner up with a SASA Ancient Studies Mentor! Any undergraduate student who is interested in Ancient Studies can be partnered with an academic or professional who has applied Ancient Studies in their careers.

Joint Groups 

Either solely focused on social media sharing and, if applicable, a presence on Port Ancient or also in preparation for a larger joint project. Please arrange a meeting to discuss joint project opportunities.


Our achaeogaming sessions allow high school and college students to explore popular video games with connections to the ancient world: what they did right, what they did wrong, and how we can use them as tools for learning. In the Fall of 2021, with funding from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities, SASA launched Archaeogaming Video Learning Modules (AVLM), which incorporate custom videos with lesson plans centered on specific Ancient Studies topics and themes. Our North Texas collaborators are invited to take advantage of these modules or invite a SASA Educational Ambassador for an archaeogaming guided-tour or AVLM demonstration.

Film Screenings 

The film industry engages Ancient Studies in diverse ways. We are currently seeking partners to host regular showings of Ancient Studies related films. Showings can include classics, as well as recent films and anime TV shows that aren't often acknowledged as relevant to Ancient Studies. Each showing will be introduced by one of our representatives and followed with group discussion.



North Texas high school and college educators are invited to use SASA resources, including our Archaeogaming Video Learning Modules, and to help us organize programming at their learning institution. Educators with a background in Ancient Studies are also encouraged to apply to become SASA Ancient Studies Mentors.

Organizations and Institutions

North Texas organizations and Institutions are invited to collaborate with us to offer Ancient Studies related programming to high school and college students. Our current programming can be found on the next page. We are also open to collaborating on new projects.


Projects and organizations dedicated to Ancient Studies can be added to our growing network of partners and Port Ancient. We offer packages for
projects of various sizes, from newer or smaller projects, such as podcasts and community projects, to established and nationwide organizations. Please request our Partnership Brochure for more information.


To accomplish our goal of connecting North Texas students, community members, educators, and organizations interested in Ancient Studies, the SASA North Texas Branch Initiative is building a Facebook homepage (@SASANorthTexas) where North Texas residents can find Ancient Studies related events that are happening in the greater North Texas region, as well as SASA remote events that are open to the general public. Events will include those organized by SASA and other local organizations and institutions.

- To collaborate with us, email