Ancient Tiles

Save Ancient Studies Alliance


In our first two years we have:

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Attracted over 55,000 post engagements on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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Recruited 150+ volunteers, maintaining a compliment of 50 active volunteer staff 

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Produced 30 Text-in-Translation Reading Groups that provide a forum for discussion and exploration of ancient topics

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Initiated 7 major projects 

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Attracted 37,000+ visitors to our website

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Received 3 grants totaling

over $38,000 

To learn more about what we have accomplished, please see our Second Annual Report!


SASA is proud to be rapidly growing and reaching members all over the world! This map shows some of the locations of our amazing members. We want to challenge the Euro-centric world view by presenting a map of our members' locations with the Pacific Ocean at the center. Please click here to see an interactive version!  

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