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Independent Scholar Publishing Resources

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

When it comes to getting published, many Independent Scholars fear that lack of academic connection stands in their way. In actuality, most publications are open to submissions from Independent Scholars. SASA’s Independent Scholars Resource Team, led by Heather Rosmarin, has compiled a list of publishing opportunities open to Independent Scholars, regardless of academic affiliation!

Below are several publications that SASA’s Independent Scholars Working Group has identified as willing to publish scholarship from Independent Scholars. If you want to hear more about application processes and interaction with independent scholarship, some of these publishers presented at the SASA Virtual Conference Special Sessions this Fall. Read our coverage of the session here!

------------------------------------------------------------------ (Online Platform) is an online research sharing platform that allows for the sharing of hundreds of academic articles and research papers.

Archaeopress (Articles, Books/Monographs)

Archaeopress is an Oxford-based publication that has been publishing monographs, journals, and archaeological biographies since 1997.

Bloomsbury Academic Open Access is a global independent publisher that is striving for the widest possible dissemination of research in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Humanities Commons (Online Platform)

Humanities Commons (HC) is an open access network for researchers working in all areas of the humanities. HC hosts fora, blogs, and an electronic archive that enables publishing and sharing of a wide range of content.

Near Eastern Archaeology is a journal by the American Society of Overseas Research that publishes peer-reviewed academic research focused on the Middle East.

New Classicists (Articles)

New Classicists is a peer-reviewed periodical that publishes works by postgraduates and early career researchers, with topics that cover all fields of Antiquity.

Open Access at the University of Oxford is a publication run by the University of Oxford that seeks to ensure the widest possible access to the research it publishes while supporting the academic freedom of its authors.

Open Book Publishing (Books/Monographs)

Open Book Publishing is an open access publisher for books grounded in the humanities and social sciences. They market books in print and provide them online for download.

Sapiens Magazine (Articles)

Sapiens is an anthropology-centered magazine that publishes stories about people, with topics ranging from hominin evolution to the disappearance of cultures in the modern day.

The SCS has compiled an extensive list of online journals, which may be open to submissions from independent scholars. Links are provided for further research on submission requirements.

The World History Encyclopedia is an open access, non-profit organization that publishes the world’s most read peer-reviewed history encyclopedia.


These publications are the best places to look if you are an Independent Scholar that wants to publish research, interact with other scholars, or write for more popular audiences. Start researching submission processes and reaching out! You might be surprised at the amount of options you have.

SASA’s Independent Scholars Working Group welcomes all Independent Scholars in the field of Ancient Studies. To learn more about our work, visit our home page or sign up to attend or present at one of our Work in Progress Forums!


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