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Institutional Affiliation Options for Independent Scholars

Being independent doesn’t necessarily mean being alone! Independent Scholars, just like affiliated scholars, rely on other groups and individuals to supply the interactive context for much of their work. An affiliation with Independent Scholar institutions can provide valuable resources, conferences, and networking opportunities that can strengthen your background, research, and notability. SASA has compiled a list of institutions for Independent Scholars that provide affiliation and benefits, so take advantage and join the larger community of Independent Scholarship!


The Independent Scholars Community is an HCommons community for Independent Scholars that’s slightly more casual than the prior institutions on this list. It’s a social group for friendly discussion, networking, and resource sharing. The HCommons Independent Scholars Community is a great place to look for anyone looking to meet Independent Scholars.

The Institute for Historical Study is a community of researchers, writers, and artists bound by fascination in history. They share research, ideas, advice, and are a general community for Independent Scholars and Historians.

The Ronin Institute is another academic community for people committed to truth and empathy. It’s a non-profit organization that, like others on this list, aims to establish a community for Independent Scholars for collaboration and sharing of research.

The NCIS is one of the top institutions for Independent Scholars to join. It’s a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides professional affiliation, support, and a community for Independent Scholars. Applying for membership is rigorous, but if you have enough history and work as an Independent Scholar, the NCIS is a fantastic option. Benefits of membership include a webpage, business card, letters of introduction, a JSTOR discount, and publication and grant opportunities.


These institutions could be the cornerstone of your scholarship. Some of these have more complex application processes and requirements than others, so research exact requirements and send some inquiring emails! With a strong communal structure, you’ll find yourself with opportunities, fellows, and resources that will be invaluable to your career as an Independent Scholar.

SASA’s Independent Scholars Working Group welcomes all Independent Scholars in the field of Ancient Studies. To learn more about our work, visit our home page or sign up to attend or present at one of our Work in Progress Forums!


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