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SASA is hiring!

We are looking for experienced and passionate educators for a paid role during the summer! SASA (Save Ancient Studies Alliance) have received a generous grant of $10,000 from the Delmas Foundation to support our Summer Mini-Reading Groups. These Reading Groups are free to participants, and are hosted on Zoom. We want to make these groups as widely accessible as possible to ensure we are maintaining a minimal barrier to entry within Ancient Studies, and offering alternative, non-traditional venues of getting involved with scholarship!

SASA’s Text-in-Translation Reading Groups are small, informal discussion groups, centered on ancient texts. Each Reading Group is designed by its Group Leader. The general format of a Reading Group is that the Group Leader gives the participants in advance part of a translated text to prepare for discussion. At the weekly sessions, the Group Leader leads the discussion and may also spend some time explaining various points related to the text to provide context for the discussion.

The feedback from our previous Reading Groups has been incredible, with both Group Leaders and participants providing resoundingly positive feedback. As such, we are keen to offer an expanded version of this opportunity as we develop our Reading Group programme into the summer. To fulfil this, we are looking for dedicated and passionate academics to lead 3 and 8 week reading groups with SASA.

The responsibilities of the role are outlined as follows;

  • Design a course of study for a number of weeks

  • Create and curate a Live Syllabus

  • Send preparation materials to students in advance of each session

  • Lead the discussion sessions

To get an idea of the topics we’ve tackled in the past - no matter how niche or specialist - please take a look at our previous reading group workshops and get an idea as to whether there is a topical niche that you’d like to fill!

We are taking applications till May 15th, and would love to hear from any academics with the necessary experience and passion to curate a live curriculum for these Reading Groups. For more information, check out the flier for the full job specification here.


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