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SASA Virtual Conference reaches 10,000 people!

SASA held its second annual Virtual Conference on August 14th - 15th, 2022, on the theme of Who Has the Power? Leaders and Leadership in the Ancient World. The free, live-streaming conference was a smash success, with over 10,000 people tuning in over the two days to its 5 sessions, 3 keynotes, and 3 special sessions. SASA thanks our partners, Digital Hammurabi, Voices of Ancient Egypt, World History Encyclopedia, World of Antiquity, Per-Hay Studio, and By Jove Theatre Company, for their help with advertising and livestreaming the conference.

There were a total of 13 academic presentations given by Independent Scholars from around the world. In addition to three returning Independent Scholars who had presented in SASA’s first annual Virtual Conference in 2021, we welcomed ten new presenters this year. These scholars work in a variety of professions, both adjacent to and completely separate from academia, yet devote a portion of their personal time to pursuing their scholarship. The presentations, which were divided into 5 sessions, provided insight on leadership through different periods of ancient history and different cultures, including but not limited to the Ancient Mayans, Indians, Greeks, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Biblical persons.

The keynote presentations, given by world-renowned scholars, ranged from the projection of Egyptian Pharaonic royal power to the creation of royal power in Mesopotamia by the collaborative members of the palace institution to the use of royal ideology for legitimation in ancient China. The academic presentations delved into practicalities and ideologies of power in ancient contexts, including how rulers positioned themselves and manipulated their constituencies to create, maintain, and expand their power. Some investigated how historical leaders were reconstrued later in time to suit the needs of the writers and communities in those chronologically subsequent ancient times.

The conference also had three special sessions to encourage discussion on a range of topics focused on building a joint community of scholars including both those whose occupations are inside and outside academia. These sessions included a roundtable on Independent Scholar Community Building and Integration, a panel of Storytelling by Inspirational Independent Scholars, and a workshop on different publishing forums. With panelists from different academic, professional, and personal backgrounds and an engaging audience, these special sessions stimulated a lot of discussion and advice to other students, early career scholars, and independent researchers.

SASA invites you to catch up on any sessions you may have missed, to join us at next year’s conference in Summer 2023, and to check out our many free public online events over the next year.


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