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Spotlight: Mentorship Team Leader

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The SASA Spotlight for early April is Mentorship Team Leader, Agnieszka Arcisz! As the leader of the team, and one of the key volunteers who worked to bring this exciting new SASA program to fruition, Agnieszka is excited to promote her team and their efforts this summer!

The Mentorship Team is the newest development in SASA's ever-growing structure. For the past year, the team has worked tirelessly to build the Mentorship Program, a recent culmination of SASA's vision of providing reliable, accessible guidance for young academics and pursuers of Ancient Studies. The principal goal of the program is to empower mentees, through an effective "cohort" model in which mentees will regularly meet online with their cohort mentors to actively participate in peer discussions, career guidance, and one-on-one guidance sessions. Agnieszka and her team strive to leave mentees with a sense of self-sufficiency to make proactive and conscious choices regarding their education and career paths.

The Mentorship Program is not yet live, and is expected to be launched this summer. Until then, keep posted on our blog!


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