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The SASA Mentorship Program

SASA is proud to announce the long-awaited establishment of our Mentorship Program! Led by our very own Mentorship Team, the new Mentorship Program is targeted at high school and undergraduate students who wish to pursue, or further their current journey of higher education in Ancient Studies. The principal goal of this program is to ultimately empower our mentees by assisting them in making conscious choices regarding their education and career path.

Our program aims to supplement those of educational institutions, through the provenly effective cohort model (Schunk and Mullen, 2013). This model of dividing mentees into cohorts is meant to help them participate more meaningfully and with purpose. Activities include and are not limited to peer discussions, career advice, and one-on-one meetings with mentors, all in remote monthly sessions.

Mentors of the program will be thoroughly vetted members of various fields relating to Ancient Studies. As the program aims to address the concerns of a diverse range of individuals and questions, such as international students and admissions concerns, the mentors will reflect that range. Furthermore, as the mentors in the program are also provided with inter-networking opportunities, they will not just be individual tutors, but members of a community who are working towards a common goal.

At SASA, we recognize that successful participation in a mentoring relationship requires

willingness and a lot of practice. By providing our mentees with an additional way to learn about Ancient Studies disciplines and academia, we aim to see them become proactive and put learned skills into application. In line with our commitment to increasing accessibility to Ancient Studies, our mentoring program is designed to be accessible to all. Participation in the program is free.

Are you interested in becoming a Mentor?

Becoming a mentor in our program can be a great way to connect with younger students, give

back to the community, and gain experience in mentoring practices. We welcome mentors with a Bachelor's degree in any discipline related to Ancient Studies who are passionate about outreach and mentoring and are willing to comply with the program's regulations. For the time being we are unable to offer financial compensation for mentors, hence this is an unpaid position. Stay tuned for further details!


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