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SASA Completed NJCH Grant for Archaogaming Module Creation

The Save Ancient Studies Alliance is proud to announce that we have completed our New Jersey Council for the Humanities grant. With this grant, we have produced 4 educational ‘Archaeogaming’ modules, which combine the engagement of interactive gaming with the study of the Ancient World, in order to introduce Ancient Studies to young people in an educational setting.

In conjunction with our development of Archaeogaming videos, this grant has enabled us to provide ‘bundles’ as part of each module, to aid in the educational distribution of our product. These bundles include the Archaeogaming video and a powerpoint, as well as a teacher’s packet and additional activities to accompany the lesson. Each module therefore provides a cohesive lesson about the Ancient World, incorporating the entertainment of video games into classroom learning.

These were on the topics of:

  1. Ancient Pottery: the Material World of Ancient Greece

  2. All Roads Lead to Rome: Making and Maintaining the Roman Empire

  3. Building the First Cities: Early Urbanism in Egypt and Mesopotamia

  4. Introduction to Medieval Ireland

The New Jersey Council for the Humanities grant has enabled us to infuse scholarly expertise with contemporary technology to create high quality resources. The grant also allowed us to provide opportunities for early career scholars in helping us develop the lessons. Because the grant funded our research and production, we are able to distribute the learning materials for free, fulfilling our aim of improving access to Ancient Studies for all.

If you’re a teacher interested in our existing Archaeogaming Modules, please sign up to receive them for free.


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