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Find information on our Volunteering opportunities and how to help us

Save Ancient Studies!



Do you want to help SASA grow but do not have a lot of time? Please take these opportunities to help us make Ancient Studies accessible for anyone who is interested and wants to learn more!


Grant Hunters

Do you know of any grants or charitable foundations that could help SASA’s projects and events?

Take 15 minutes out of your day and become a ‘Grant-Hunting’ #MicroVolunteer by filling out our Google Formand helping us locate grants, fellowships, and awards that SASA is eligible for, in order to keep funding our projects and pay our interns and volunteers for all their hard work. 

Click Here to learn more about how to become a SASA Grant Hunter, and send in the info you have hunted down already!

Where to Study?

SASA is proud to be building an open and searchable database of all Ancient Studies & related programs in higher education in the US and we need your help!

Even if you only have a bit of time to volunteer, you can help by doing a little research on your school, or one in your state. Then help us fill in our master sheet, which will go on to build an open database that anyone can search to help start/continue their own adventure into Ancient Studies!

To get involved, please email Anh Nguyen


Closed Captioning

Volunteers and Interns with SASA are working hard to provide both informative and inclusive posts, Live Events, and platforms; help us make sure that EVERYONE can enjoy what SASA has to offer!

Get assigned a video from our Youtube account, and type up the closed captioning for that video. Send in your transcription, and we take care of the rest!

To get involved, please email SASA Communications & Live Event Team Leader, Lauren Kubosch:

Our internships and volunteer staff are unfortunately unpaid at the moment. We are aware of the problems surrounding unpaid labor, which is why we are actively working towards raising funds, applying for grants and getting donations. Please consider donating so we can pay our hard-working volunteers and interns!

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