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SASA's Virtual Conference - July 21-22, 2024 - RSVP Now!

Updated: Jul 7

SASA's Virtual Conference Logo

We are delighted to invite you to the Save Ancient Studies Alliance (SASA) Virtual Conference 2024; an intellectually stimulating event that will explore the theme “Representations of the Past in Ancient and Modern Times.” This free public conference, set to take place on Sunday July 21st and Monday 22nd, 2024 @10am, promises a wealth of knowledge and discussion from leading experts in ancient history. The event will be livestreamed on SASA’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch, with chat functions enabling real-time interaction and questions. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Wenner-Gren Foundation, this conference will also feature live translations in English, Arabic, and Spanish, ensuring accessibility for a global audience. Presenters will be able to present in their native tongues, and presentations spoken in English will be interpreted into those languages. 

With this conference, it is our goal to encourage dialogue and initiatives related to public engagement and academic inclusivity and by hosting an open conference accessible to all, we hope to foster a shared community centered around our mutual admiration for ancient studies. This year's theme, “Representations of the Past in Ancient and Modern Times”, delves into the portrayal of history throughout different eras. While recent discussions have primarily focused on how the past is perceived in connection to Western colonialism and contemporary media, this conference aims to broaden the scope to encompass a more universal perspective on cultural representations of the past. Through adopting an interdisciplinary approach through the lens of ancient studies, we aim to explore how societies across time have interpreted and adopted their deep historical roots, emphasizing the cultural construction of history as a shared human experience. 

Keynote Speakers

Our conference will feature presentations from three renowned scholars:

  • Dr. Martha Tepepa Covarrubias; a current professor at Western Connecticut State University who holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology from Columbia University (New York), as well as a PhD in Urban Environmental Studies from El Colegio de México (Mexico City).

  • Dr. Laura Castro Royo; an art historian who boasts an MA in Medieval Studies from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as well as a PhD from the School of Art History and School of Modern Languages, University of St Andrews (Scotland). She is also the Director of the online public project ‘Las Plumas de Simurgh (Mesopotamia  and Iran)’.

  • Prof. Marian Feldman; a current professor at Johns Hopkins University who received a Ph.D. in art history at Harvard University in ancient Near Eastern Art. Additionally, she holds the W.H. Collins Vickers Chair in Archaeology, a position she has been in since 2018.

Dr. Martha Tepepa Covarrubias
Prof. Marian Feldman
Dr. Laura Castro Royo

Previous Conferences

SASA has a rich tradition of hosting annual virtual conferences that prove to foster intellectual exchange and collaboration. Here is the list of our three most recent conferences:

Our Partners

We are honoured to collaborate with the following organizations and individuals in order to reach a wider audience and enhance the depth and breadth of our conference, providing many platforms for scholarly discourse:

Join Us!

In order to participate in this enriching experience, make sure to RSVP for the conference; offered in these three languages: English, Español, المؤتمر

Mark your calendars for July 21st & 22nd 2024, and join a global community dedicated to understanding how the past is represented in both ancient and modern contexts. Whether you are a scholar, student, or enthusiast, the SASA Virtual Conference (2024) promises to be an enriching and engaging experience. Stay connected with us for updates and additional information through our social media channels on YouTube, InstagramFacebook, and our official SASA page.

We look forward to your participation and the stimulating discussions that lie ahead! Lastly, please check out our conference schedule to see where our keynote presentations will take place and when.


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