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Thanks to SASA's Fall 2021 Interns

SASA would like to thank our latest group of interns for all their hard work and contributions to the wider life and prosperity of SASA. Without their work and support, our mission would be impossible. As such, we want to highlight some of the great work they have done and the projects that they have contributed to!

Our interns have been working at the heart of our mission, contributing throughout the organization. Their work has featured in a range of campaigns, most notably in our archaeogaming team! As SASA’s latest project, the Archaeogaming team has attracted a lot of attention and as such needs a lot of hands to make light work of it! This project has taken the exciting medium of video games and is cooperating with educators to create video game oriented educational modules that require no prior familiarity or experience with the games to impart valuable historical lessons to groups of learners. We firmly believe that these modules allow for a relatable and engaging glimpse into the past that will keep learners interested in the past as they progress through their education.

Of course, not all our interns were devoting their time to finding the latest, greatest, and most accurate portals to the past in video games. Our wonderful interns also applied their skills elsewhere; our outreach work, broader research into the downward trend of engagement, and SASA’s Inspire Campaign all saw support from our interns. These contributions keep the broad spectrum of SASA running, ensuring that we continue to deliver our message far and wide, all the while identifying and determining the impact of the downward trend, and what we can do to counter it. Simply put, we could not continue our work without the support of our interns.

Our wonderful Fall 2021 interns

Habiba Hussein, Cairo University, Egyptology

- Inspire Campaign

Emily Browning, Purdue University, Classics and Art History

- Archaeogaming Team

Jackson Reinhardt, Vanderbilt University

- Communications Team

Kaitlyn McGann, Liverpool University,


- Outreach Team

Jack Chandler, University of Reading,

Museum and Classical Studies

- Access Team

Dylan Gibson, University of Stellenbosch

- Archaeogaming Team

Sylvie Cooper, University of Memphis

- Archaeogaming Team

Logan Davis, West Chester University - Research Team.

Alexandra Deimel, Roanoke College - Communications and Live Events Team.

Stephanie Cappello, University of Edinburgh - Access Team.

Emily McElroy, Carleton University, Classics - Archaeogaming Team.

So, to Habiba, Emily, Jackson, Kaitlynn, Jack, Logan, Alexandra, Dylan, Sylvie, Stephanie, and Emily - thank you for all your hard work and commitment in the past months. We are incredibly grateful to you.

For more information on our interns, please visit our website.


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