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Welcoming our newest SASA Ambassador, Dr. Aren Maeir!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

SASA would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest SASA Ambassador, Dr. Aren Maeir. SASA ambassadors, influential Ancient Studies advocates, are an exceptionally important part of our team. They help us spread our mission far and wide and assist in SASA’s fundraising. Dr. Maeir is the latest addition to our Ambassadorial team and his appointment reflects the importance of his research and the wide-reach of his delivery, using a SASA-favorite medium - blog posts!

Leading digs for 25+ years, with thousands of students learning under his guidance, Dr. Maeir has been at the forefront of connecting enthusiastic potential Ancient Studies scholars directly to the material reality of ancient peoples.

Dr. Maeir is an expert in the archaeology of the Ancient Levant, having written and edited close to 20 volumes on the subject while publishing c. 300 papers. A prolific writer and archaeological director, Dr. Maeir brings three decades of teaching and research experience to his role with SASA and will be an integral asset in expanding our outreach to new frontiers.

We are incredibly excited to welcome Dr. Maeir to the team in a formal capacity and we are very much looking forward to his work with us. His work will support our growth into our third year of development as SASA continues onward and upward in our mission to promote Ancient Studies, by helping us reach our fundraising goals and expanding our network of public advocates.


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